6 Historical Figures That Used Marijuana To Improve Their Souls, Bodies And Minds
Some people like to call marijuana users “burnouts.” But it’s comforting to know just how many prominent historical figures would fall into the same category. Marijuana has been alleviating stress and maximizing leisure time for centuries. Studies have also found that the highly intelligent people smoke more marijuana. So it should be no surprise to learn that many of the people in our high school history textbooks enjoyed cannabis, even when we were being taught not to.Here are six of the most influential marijuana enthusiasts who made history:1. William ShakespeareEnglish dramatist..
27 High Thoughts That Will Blow Your Mind
Smoking marijuana turns us all into temporary philosophers. And the best part is, there’s actually science behind those “high-thoughts” that keep you up at night.Usually, neurons in the brain become temporarily inactive after firing, almost as if they’re taking a quick break. But cannabinoids prevent this from happening in certain areas of the brain, amplifying your imagination and giving your thoughts a runaway-train effect. This is why smoking marijuana can make you temporarily obsessed with an idea, or lead your mind to go off on long, strange tangents.The late David Foster Wallac..
Pot Company Mocks Prescription Drug Ads In Genius Parody Video
Despite medical marijuana being legal in 29 states, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine a doctor recommending and prescribing the plant, especially for those who have grown up in the heat of cannabis prohibition. However, it’s clearly a viable treatment that holds an astounding number of medicinal benefits, some which are largely untapped.Well, perhaps one of the reasons we don’t think of it like your typical prescription drug is, simply, we haven’t seen any cheesy television ads like you see with a lot of the mainstream prescription drugs out there.Well, that’s about to change. Sort of.“..
10 Cool And Classy Weed Tattoos
As cannabis legalization spreads and the stigma starts to fade, people are becoming more confident expressing their love for the herb with elaborate ink that’s visible for all the world to see. Getting a tattoo is a major statement, but these 10 cute and classy weed tattoos prove that you can show your love in a modern, subtle way.1. #peacenature2. Watercolor weed3. Precious molecule4. New life5. Stoner for life6. Blue beauty7. Slight of hand8. Tribal tokes9. Woodstock loves weed10. Cheeky!..
10 Best Songs To Listen To While High
Music is one of the things that becomes even better when you’re high. Lyrics hit harder, beats drop lower, and the vibe is amazing. There is nothing greater than a few friends, a few joints, and a banging playlist. After all, what else are you going to do? Sit in silence, just listening to your paper burn? No. This list includes the 10 best songs to listen to the next time you’re high. Whether you’re smoking by yourself and feeling insightful, or you’re partying with your crew, this list of perfect smoking songs has your back.10. “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley You knew this o..
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New Study Finds People Who Use Psychedelics Are Less Likely To Be Criminals
In the waning days of the prohibition era it seems that the more scientists get a hold of psychedelics, the more we find that they are not the monstrous substances they’ve been made out to be. The most recent revelation in this attempt to catch up with decades of lost research is that psychedelics reduce crime. A study, led by professor Peter Hendricks of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, found that those who are more likely to trip on psychedelics are also less likely to commit a crime.With data that was drawn from ..
23 Health Benefits Of Marijuana
States around the country — more than 20 in total — have legalized medical marijuana.  Experts have been changing their minds too — recently, CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta reversed his opinion on medical marijuana. While recreational pot usage is controversial, many people agree with Gupta's new stance, and believe that the drug should be legal for medical uses. And even though the benefits of smoking pot may be overstated by advocates of marijuana legalization, new laws will help researchers study the drug's medicinal uses and better understand how it impacts ..
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