10 Genius Places to Stash Your Stash...#8 is SOO Cool.
A good stash spot for your weed will be entirely unsuspecting—it will not only conceal it but it will also hide the smell as well. These spots can help with nosy family, pesky landlords and whoever else just doesn’t “get” Mary Jane like you do (because you’re in love). Many of these spots hide your marijuana in plain sight which can fool even you (so don’t forget where you put it). Get that crafty mind working and check out these top 10 stash spots for keeping your cannabis safe.HighlighterPhoto credit: Dario Lo Presti / ShutterstockHollowing out a highlighter is easy and i..
The 7 Stages Of Being High
HONEST MARIJUANAOrganic marijuana and concentrates grown from sustainable sources in the heart of Steamboat Springs, Colorado by Anthony Franciosi.ORGANIC MARIJUANA GROWING PHILOSOPHYFACILITYPRESERVATION & PERISHABILITY PRODUCTSFLOWERSSTRAINSHONEST BLUNTSCONCENTRATESHONEST WAX BLOG WHERE TO BUYDISPENSARIESWHOLESALE INQUIRIESMEDIA INQUIRIEThe 7 Stages Of Being HighThere is nothing more relaxing, enjoyable, and glorious than sharing some quality weed amongst friends. It’s a great time to bond, unwind,  and relieve the stress of a long workday..
The 9 Unspoken Words of Smoking Marijuana...Do You Know Them All?
Most everything in life comes with rules, including getting high. Although people may not speak of them, they still exist. Of course, when you blaze with your pals, you want to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. More importantly, each person should be able to achieve a nice buzz. All you have to is have proper manners, and you and the group will be just peachy. From ashing before you pass to not bogarting the ganja, here are nine unspoken rules for smoking weed.1. Keep the rotation movingPhoto creditIf you have an amazing story to tell, then save it for after the session. Otherwise, you wil..
7 Stoner Hacks That Will Change Your Life...#2 Is Genius
Get by while getting high with these stoner life hacks:It’s no accident that we’re called a cannabis “community.” As fellow enthusiasts of the herb, we don’t face day-to-day stoner challenges alone — we share stoner life hacks as much as we share joints.1. Now they’re more than coasters.via GIPHYThe steady march of technology has largely passed compact discs by. Having now been increasingly relegated to the ash bin of history, CDs have joined cassettes, vinyl and eight-track tapes in the pages of history. But the discs are still good for more than shiny coasters. Center a CD over your bowl to ..
First Pennsylvania Dispensary Officially Opens
The first-ever medical cannabis dispensary in the state of Pennsylvania is now officially open and licensed to sell the medicine to patients that have the proper cards. Keystone Canna Remedies, located in Bethlehem, PA, recently held its grand opening.The dispensary’s grand opening was put together by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce. A packed house of patients, medical professionals and area business leaders witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony, indicating the obvious lucrative opportunities that legal medicinal cannabis can bring to the Keystone State.“Welcome to the 21st ..
How To Help Make Weed Legal In Your State
How can I help with marijuana legalization in my state?The green tsunami is sweeping across more and more of the United States—and the globe. California, the largest recreational market in the world, opened earlier this month. This week, Vermont became the first state to pass a legalization bill through the legislature, rather than at the polls. And support for marijuana legalization is at a record high among both parties. But there’s still a lot of work to do with millions of Americans unable to access legal marijuana—or even legal CBD—for medical conditions in their state. If you’re a r..
The Dopest Dispensaries You'll Ever See...
In legal states like Colorado and California, weed dispensaries are evolving from sketchy hole-in-the-wall shops to welcoming, beautiful, open spaces. Instead of feeling like you’re buying bud on the wrong side of town, shopping for marijuana now feels as if you’re purchasing a brand new iPhone. Or, like you’re stepping into a high-end boutique, only it’s for ganja not Gucci. Pot shops decorated with tacky marijuana posters that look like something straight out of Spencer’s are, indeed, history and these 10 dispensaries with the best interior design prove it. 1. T..
The 5 Most Important Marijuana Icons And Movements
While it surely isn’t advertised in high school history books, people have obsessed over marijuana for hundreds, even thousands of years. It’s not hard to see why: marijuana plants can be used for anything from making paper and fabrics to treating illnesses or simply letting loose.Studies have also found that intelligent people are more inclined to use marijuana, so it shouldn’t be entirely surprising that many prominent historical figures enjoyed the use of the plant. This becomes clear once a person starts digging around in the actual history books. In the last century, as governme..
Walmart Has Been Selling Marijuana Christmas Trees
O’ Christmas tree, that looks like weedIt’d be cool if it had real budsO’ Christmas tree, you don’t come with seedsBut you look great in my apartmentSeven leaves and O’ so greenWill it fit in my rolling machine?O’ cannabis, for the rest of usWe want to smoke it all day long.It’s the magical time of year again when we decorate everything we own with colorful, flashing lights in hopes that the big man in the red suit will spot us from the sky on Christmas eve and leave us tons of goodies and worthless gadgets to disconnect us even further from the real world in the new year.Ah, but if ..
Judge Allows Murderer To Use Medical Marijuana To Stay Calm
In 1999, Miguel Valdes was arrested in Florida for beating, stabbing and slitting the throat of Rolando Pastor, with the help of his friend David Gomez Millan. Valdes and Millan were members of the well-known gang, the Latin Kings. They had carved the gang’s symbol—a crown—into Pastor’s forehead. Valdes was 15 at the time.After making a plea deal, Valdes was sentenced to 12 years behind bars, a year of house arrest and nine years of probation. In 2010, at the age of 27, Valdes was released from prison and put on probation. Now, Valdes is once more making headlines after a Miami judge decided t..
10 Medical Cannabis Myths Busted
Despite the expansion of medical cannabis programs in the United States, there are many myths regarding medical cannabis. 29 US states currently have medical cannabis programs. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these states, don’t let any of these medical cannabis myths stop you from taking advantage of the plant.1. Myth Busted: Medical cannabis hasn’t been studiedPhoto creditThis is entirely untrue. In fact, Israel has supported medical cannabis research since the 1960’s.In the 1990’s, the country approved the use of medical cannabis for those suffering from pain-related illnesses. Dec..
These Marijuana Advent Calendars Will Keep You High Until Christmas
A  Canada-based medical cannabis company has a hit on its hands. Coast to Coast Medicinals’ novelty Advent calendar — including actual marijuana products — is creating a media sensation.Coast to Coast started unlicensed operation earlier this year, reports Science Alert. But the business started getting some viral attention after launching preorders for their cannabis calendar. The company is taking advantage of a legal gray area during Canada’s transition from medical-only cannabis to a full legalization.“We just wanted something fun and different for adults,” Coast to Coa..
Ring in the Holiday Season with Cannabis Holiday Decorations
Ring in the Holiday Season with Cannabis Holiday Decorations  Yep, that’s right, we said cannabis holiday decorations. The leafy green is becoming so mainstream that it’s now possible to find these in stores and online. Check out this list, and then get to shopping, because you are going to have one very green Christmas.  Pewter Pot Leaf OrnamentThis is not an adornment for your grandmother’s Christmas tree! Amazon has a nice pewter ornament for sale for a mere $8.95. This will look great on your tree, and it’s just subtle enough to hide between the angles and the sleighs.  ..
These Writers Use Weed To Expand Their Creativity
The war on drugs in the United States was officially declared in 1971, suddenly labeling cannabis users everywhere as deviants. Despite the cannabis cultural war, various groups on the outskirts continued to turn to cannabis for a variety of reasons. More specifically, the creative writing community became synonymous with cannabis use. In 2017, decades after the drug war began, do writers continue to use cannabis heavily? There are a number of famous writers who have lived up to the stereotype of “cannabis using artists.” These writers were successful journalists and creative writers..
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