7 Stoner Hacks That Will Change Your Life...#2 Is Genius

7 Stoner Hacks That Will Change Your Life...#2 Is Genius

Get by while getting high with these stoner life hacks:

It’s no accident that we’re called a cannabis “community.” As fellow enthusiasts of the herb, we don’t face day-to-day stoner challenges alone — we share stoner life hacks as much as we share joints.

1. Now they’re more than coasters.


The steady march of technology has largely passed compact discs by. Having now been increasingly relegated to the ash bin of history, CDs have joined cassettes, vinyl and eight-track tapes in the pages of history. But the discs are still good for more than shiny coasters. Center a CD over your bowl to catch nug spillage as you use the center hole for easy packing.

2. All’s not lost when you spill your weed onto the carpet.


Ah, the heartbreak of spilled weed… especially when all that glorious herb is lost onto the unforgiving environs of a carpet. But don’t despair! Get a clean sock (please use a clean one) and put it over the end of your vacuum cleaner’s hose. Suck up all the weed, recover it from the surface of the sock (don’t smoke the lint), and start back where you left off.

3. There’s kief in those stems!


Those leftover stems that you’ve been throwing away could be providing you with tasty kief. Kief consists of the trichomes of marijuana flowers, which contain the cannabinoids and are therefore quite potent. While smokers often don’t associate stems with smokable material, the woody parts of the plant do include some trichomes which are harvestable through use of a kief box (also known as a pollen sifter). Collect stems over a period of days or weeks, and you can shake a few grams of kief out of ’em!

4. Bobby pins are the Swiss Army Knives of stonerdom.


The lowly bobby pin can serve as a roach clip. Bobby pins are also great for cleaning the ash out of a bowl and de-clogging a pipe. Keep several on hand, so if you have to straighten one out to clean a pipe, it won’t be a bummer, because you still have a few to spare.

5. Got the munchies? Suck it up.


No, I’m serious. One way to address the taste cravings that come with getting high is to suck on mints or candy. The added convenience bonus is you can do this while you smoke. And it’s great at preventing cottonmouth.

6. No grinder? No problem.


When you’re caught without a grinder, you may think your only option is to do it the old-fashioned way —crumbling herb with your fingers. On the contrary. All you need is a penny and a pill bottle. Clean the penny, or whatever coin you use, with alcohol first. Then drop a couple nugs into the empty pill bottle with the clean coin. Pop the lid on, and shake it up.

7. Try this, honey.


It may sound a bit odd at first blush, but honey absolutely works, both for preventing a joint from burning too quickly, and also if you want to smoke one of those doobies with kief stuck to the outside, and don’t have any hash oil to use. Don’t use too much; just a drop or two, carefully distributed over a rolled joint, does the trick.

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